The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest

Master quest

NA: February 17, 2003
Developed By:
Published By:
Shigeru Miyamoto

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest is another version of Ocarina of Time from the Nintendo 64. There are two modes, one being regular Ocarina of Time and a more challenging version of Ocarina of Time.


In OoT Master Quest, the player must follow the story line of Ocarina of Time and complete the same dungeons. This time, however, the dungeons are more challenging. Either the puzzles must be solved different ways [than in the original] or there are more enemies. For example, in the first dungeon Link meets stronger enemies that he would normally not meet until later in that dungeon.


Master Quest follows Ocarina of Time's storyline. As a child, Link meets Princess Zelda and learns of her premonition of Hyrule's destruction. In order to gain access to the Temple of Time and receive the Master Sword, Link receives the Kokiri Emerald, the Zora Sapphire, and the Goron Ruby from the tribe of the stone's name.

Following an encounter with Ganondorf, Zelda flees the Castle with her attendant, Impa, and gives Link her mysterious Ocarina. Link then goes to the Temple of Time, puts the stones into place, and plays the Song of Time in order to gain access to the room where the Master Sword lay.

However, Link is too young to wield it and must sleep in the Sacred Realm for seven years. When he awakes, he is told by the Sage of Light that Ganon has made himself King of Hyrule. Link is charged with the duty to awaken the five other sages in order to restore Hyrule to its former state.

Zelda OoTMQ image1

Link, talking to another character.

During his journey, Link meets up with a mysterious Sheikah named Sheik who helps him with his journey. After awakening all the sages, Sheik reveals himself to be Zelda just in time to be captured by Ganondorf. From there, Link goes to his Castle to defeat Ganondorf and end his reign of terror.

After destroying Ganon, Zelda uses the Ocarina to send Link back to his childhood, supposedly creating two separate time lines in the process.


On the regular US version of the game, there are a number of demos for other Nintendo games.

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