NA: December 2, 2001
Developed By:
Published By:
1 Player; 3 Save Files
New Play Control! Release Date:
NA: March 9, 2009



Crash LandingEdit

One day, Captain Olimar decides to take a vacation from his work. He has been flying his ship, the S.S. Dolphin, through unexplored regions of space. All of a sudden, a meteor comes out of nowhere and hits Olimar's ship briefly knocking him out and causing him to loose control of his ship. He crash lands on a strange planet that no one has ever been to before.

On the SurfaceEdit

Once Olimar wakes up, he finds out the planet is full of poisonous oxygen and his life support system will only last for 30 days. Trying to find away to fix his hip, Olimar eventually finds the Pikmin and leads them around to help him rebuild his ship.


Here is a list of Main Characters in the Game:

S. S. Dolphin

Captain Olimar's ship, the S. S. Dolphin.


There are five different places Olimar can land on this planet.

  • The Impact Site
  • The Forest of Hope
  • The Forest Navel
  • The Distant Spring
  • The Final Trial

Changes in New Play Control!Edit

This version has new Wii controls and supports widescreen televisions.

NPC! Pikmin boxart

The box art of the New Play Control! version of Pikmin.

Wii ControlsEdit

On the New Play Control! version of the game, you need the nunchuk to play. You use the control stick on the Nunchuk to move Olimar around. by pointing at the screen, you can move a small circle where ever you point. By doing this, and pressing "A", you can throw Pikman. By doing the same thing, but pressing "B", you can blow your whistle and call the Pikmin back to your side.


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