Mario Kart: Double Dash

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NA: November 7, 2003
Developed by:
Published by:
Up to 4 (16 in LAN mode)

Mario Kart: Double Dash is a Gamecube game developed by BoobArooni. There are 16 courses in Mario Kart: Double Dash. There are 6 battle courses in Mario Kart: Double Dash.


In Mario Kart: Double Dash you compete with friends to see who can win the fastest. In other words,this game is an excllent game with four player support so you can play with friendsEdit


There are 20 characters in Mario Kart: Double Dash.



  • Red Fire
  • Heart Coach
  • Turbo Yoshi
  • Green Fire [unlockable]
  • Bloom Coach [unlockable]
  • Turbo Birdo [unlockable]
  • Waluigi Racer [unlockable]
  • Parade Kart [unlockable]


  • Goo-Goo Buggy
  • Koopa Dasher
  • Rattle Buggy [unlockable]
  • Para Wing [unlockable]
  • Toad Kart [unlockable]
  • Barrel Train [unlockable]
  • Bullet Blaster [unlockable]
  • Toadette Kart [unlockable]
  • Parade Kart [unlockable]


  • DK Jumbo
  • Wario Car
  • Koopa King
  • Piranha Pipes [unlockable]
  • Boo Pipes [unlockable]
  • Parade Kart [unlockable]


  • Mushroom Cup
  • Flower Cup
  • Star Cup
  • Special Cup [unlockable]
  • All-Cup Tour [unlockable]

Engine ClassesEdit

  • 50cc
  • 100cc
  • 150cc
  • Mirror [unlockable]

List of coursesEdit

  1. Luigi Circuit
  2. Peach Beach
  3. Baby Park
  4. Dry Dry Dessert
  5. Mushroom Bridge
  6. Mario Circuit
  7. Daisy Cruiser
  8. Waluigi Stadium
  9. Sherbet Land
  10. Mushroom City
  11. Yoshi Circuit
  12. DK Mountain
  13. Wario Colosseum [unlockable in Special Cup]
  14. Dino Dino Jungle [unlockable in Special Cup]
  15. Bowser's Castle [unlockable in Special Cup]
  16. Rainbow Road [unlockable in Special Cup]


  1. Cookie Land
  2. Nintendo GameCube
  3. Block City
  4. Pipe Plaza
  5. Luigi's Mansion [unlockable]
  6. Tilt-a-Kart [unlockable]

List of Demos in Bonus DiscEdit

  • Mario Party 5
  • F-Zero GX
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [playable with Leonardo]
  • Star Wars Rouge Squadron III: Rebel Strike
  • Sonic Heroes [playable with Team Sonic in Seaside Hill and Team Dark in Bullet Station]
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