The standard Gamecube controller is a wing-grip shape, so that it fits comfortably into the player's hands. The controller has 2 analog sticks and a D-pad. It has digital A, B, X, Z and Z buttons, as well as 2 analog shoulder buttons and a Start/Pause button.

The controller is wired and plugs into one of the four controller ports on the front of the Gamecube console. There is also a wireless variation of the Gamecube controller; called the Wavebird.

Nintendo also released a Bongo Drum controller, used for the Donkey Kong games released on the gamecube such as Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the Donkey Konga Games. The controller included three buttons: the right drum, left drum, and a start button. The controller also has a built in microphone, which is utilized in the games for clapping.

To Go along with the release of Resident Evil 4, a chainsaw controller was released. This controller was more of a collectors item then an enhancement in gameplay.